Boston United vs Altrincham 1-2

05-01-19 The first Game of 2019 for us and not the result we were hoping for from Boston United who had a terrible start to the game.Every cleave seamed to find a Altrincham player and the 1-2 score would have been much higher had it not been for some very good saves from George Wills Bostons Goal keeper.

I have decided from 2019 on wards I am going to put on videos and less pictures per game so what you see is just a few of the many pictures that I have taken but I am trying to save page loading times with less pictures. All pictures and videos are ©2019 @RussellDossett and belong to me if you would like to use any of my pictures or videos please get content first you can email me Russell@Sportspictures.Online or drop me a phone call. High lights then full game then some pictures below.